Friday, September 12, 2008

How do you like your minky?

One of my favorite things to make is minky pillowcases. Minky is just so delicious, it washes really well, and to get to sleep on it every night - heaven!

At right is the minky squares king sized pillowcase I made for my husband in maroon and navy minky dot. I really like how well behaved the minky is, even in semi-quilting applications. I just single-stitched the blocks; didn't have to press the seam allowances down or anything. The blocks pattern wraps all the way around the pillow, front and back, with a simple blue border at the open end.

At left is my maternity pillow that I used through my entire second pregnancy. The pillowcase that came with it was terribly thin and somewhat scratchy. So I stripped it off and used it as a pattern to make a new one ... in minky of course! The upper portion is in a cream minky dot, and the feet are in faux leopard velour. (It reverses to a cream fleece on the underside.) Delightful! I even caught my hubby stealing catnaps in it from time to time.

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