Sunday, June 27, 2010

Contagious Crochet, Part II

One of the first things I gleefully unpacked after our move was my yarn and crochet hooks. And after four months of being yarn-deprived, it's more like crack than crochet! I've been on a tear since then - whipping out cotton scrubby washcloths and trivets like no one's business. Well, except of course, that I'm about to post lots of pictures and totally make it your business. If you're interested, that is! :-)

I made my first flower trivets before Christmas, and they became gifts for LOTS of people, shown here wrapped around a small jar of crazy-good dill dip mix.

I also played with making a few small coordinated sets, each including a flower trivet and two washcloths. (One washcloth is a plain flat double crochet sheet, and the other is the nubby scrubby pattern that I came up with while recycling a failed bath scrubby!) These were considered highly experimental, and only distributed to a select few who I could trust with their honest but loving feedback.

Well, this time around, I've taken it up a notch and am now working on sets of five pieces. One round flower trivet, the same two square washcloths and two granny style washcloths as well. Ta da!!

The four square washcloths are my own patterns and design. The round flower trivet is made from a pattern by Maggie Weldon, of

The inspiration for this was finding the natural ecru cotton yarn on a huge 14 oz CONE and going :: Wow, I could make a TON of washcloths with this! And I totally am. :-)

My design philosophy has changed slightly, incorporating the brighter colors more as accents than as central elements. I've also tweaked the patterns some to achieve more uniformity of size through the set. I'm just having so much fun with these things it's getting a little ridiculous. So far I've knocked out five full sets - three of them in the new color scheme with blue/green, red/green and pink/purple.

I'm hoping to take them outside (in the new backyard!) and get some better photos soon. These were taken indoors, but will have to suffice for now.

Like 'em?  LOVE 'em?  Wanna get 'em in your colors?!  They are now available in my Etsy shop.  Woo hoo!  I'm happy to make a set just for you, as shown, or in pretty much any color combination you can think of.

They are 100% cotton, completely washable and reusable, so soft and gentle on your hands ... they will inspire more hand-dishwashing and counter-scrubbing than you can imagine, but totally in a good way.  :-)  Enjoy!