Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Party Time!!

I love the fabric party banner! Rainbow colored, themed or even monochrome - it's a perfect punch of color addition to any event or celebration.

  • birthday party? Check!
  • family coming home from the airport? Check!
  • gorgeous, sunny day that makes you really happy? Check!
  • playdate scheduled with friends you just saw yesterday? Check!

It's gotten to the point that I have just left the hooks up in the entryway since I know I'll be asked to put it back up again pretty soon. Yay! And since it's made of fabric, not paper, you can know that this durable banner will last, year after year.

And fun to make as well.  :-)  I did a custom for my MIL - photos to come soon, I hope!  And working on another custom themed banner for a friend.  Meanwhile, some "artsy" photos to share from the ones I've already made.



1 comment:

Leigh Hunziker said...

Your stuff looks great. I'm one mama who cannot sew!