Thursday, September 4, 2008

It was love at first click!

I discovered Etsy on a Thursday - thanks to good friend "bearchick" - and spent every waking moment for the next four days online.  Every waking moment that the girlies were sleeping anyway.  It was pure ecstatic delirum, but in a very good way.  :-)  A few days later I emailed bearchick to fill her in on my new obsession ...

"Reasons I'm falling in love with Etsy"
  • you can search for items by color
  • you can search for items by birthday!
  • they use the word "Etsians"
  • I've been on the site non-stop since Thursday, and I have YET to find someone with other than 100% feedback
  • the things these people are making are just so amazingly cool
  • I am utterly addicted to this site, even though most of the things I see I'll never ever buy - it's all the great artistry of a really good craft show, with out the hassle of having to get dressed or wash my hair
  • I think I'll have a corner on the minky Texas flag baby lovey market!  :-) 

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